Take a look at the play of shape and color of Boucheron jewelry treasures with gemstones – and believe in magic again

The creative director of the legendary French jewelry house Boucheron, Claire Chouin, set herself a clear, but rather difficult task: to capture the beauty of fleeting moments that we often overlook in everyday life. She sought inspiration in the works of artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Luis Barragan.

Thus, using specially developed technology of spraying precious metals at high temperatures on ceramics and rock crystal Boucheron managed to recreate the natural magic in each of the 25 jewelry pieces. The hologram is the central theme of the collection, so there is no question of choosing a particular shade and color here, all the colors of the rainbow are found on every Carte Blanche, Holographique jewelry piece.

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For example, at first it seems that the fish in the center of the necklace and mono-earrings with fins “couture” of powder opal is about to come to life and drag you into the abyss – but first it will grant three wishes, as it is supposed to in the favorite fairy tale. And these rings with flowers repeating each petal of the peony, made of a mixture of microparticles of precious metals, as if they wriggle with each gust of wind on your hand.

Three opals from Australia and Ethiopia in general look like real talismans and magic rings that were chased around the world by treasure hunters from adventure novels: one is pear-shaped and pink-cut, another is pear-colored and the third has blue-green hues that unfold in a cabochon. The spectacular trio of rings creates visual effects that multiply their size through optical illusion – valuable trophies for even the most discerning collectors

The result is a very bold and vivid collection that in many respects disputes the classical traditions of French jewelry art, except, of course, for the very spirit that Frédéric Boucheron has been defending since the very beginning of the House history: the freedom to create is above all.

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