The 6 most impressive pink diamond rings

This year, colored diamonds are at the zenith of glory. Each color has its own way of looking good, but today we have six incomparable pink gemstones to admire.

We have already told you that the trends of 2016 point to the greatly increased popularity of colored gemstones, and diamonds are no exception. This is especially noticeable at the latest auctions, where, all other things being equal (clarity, carat weight and quality of cut), the battle between a colorless diamond and a colored one is always won by the latter. The fact that the ratio of color to colorless diamonds found is 1 in 100,000 makes them even more valuable and desirable.

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The diamond palette is limited to two relatively common and a few extremely rare colors. The first category includes yellow and pink gemstones (and their shades), followed by blue and blue, and the rarest are red, green and purple diamonds.

Today we invite you to see a beautiful set of pink diamond rings which are gentle, sensual and very romantic.

“Tudor Rose” Asprey

Asprey 1.07 carat pink diamond ring

London-based luxury goods retailer Asprey has been around since 1781. Today the brand has earned the respect and love of the most demanding public due to the exceptional quality of each of its products, including jewelry and watches. One of Asprey’s finest creations is a 1.07-carat pink diamond ring surrounded by eight colorless pear-shaped diamond “petals.” The jewelry is deliberately shaped to resemble the traditional emblem of England and Hampshire, the Tudor Rose.

Calleija: from Australia with love

Ring with a 2.15 carat pink diamond by Calleija

If you haven’t heard of the Australian jewelry brand Calleija, you should definitely get to know it. The company is known for offering a variety of jewelry with pink diamonds from the Argyle mine. And one of Calleija’s most spectacular pieces is the “Queen” ring with a pear-shaped lilac-pink diamond weighing 2.15 carats. Additional color accents in the jewelry are created by the blue and colorless diamonds surrounding the central stone.

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The Beauty of the East by Boghossian

Boghossian ring with 5 carat pink diamond

The Swiss Boghossian jewelry house famous for its unusual jewelry has presented a ring so exotic and sophisticated that it is more reminiscent of Oriental patterns and ornaments rather than a living flower. On the gold bed of the improvised flower bud rests a massive colorless diamond. A bright pink diamond weighing 5 carat is adorned on top of it as if it had emerged from the water. The ring is additionally inlaid with many small colorless diamonds.

Graff Diamonds Classic

Graff Diamonds ring with a 6.51 carat pink diamond

Fans of more traditional jewelry are likely to like the Graff Diamonds engagement ring. The brand, founded in 1960 (relatively recently compared to many jewelry houses, whose age is counted in centuries), knows how to present its jewelry in such a way that everything else pales in comparison with it. This can also be said about a laconic ring whose center is an oval bright pink diamond weighing 6.51 carats, accompanied on both sides by colorless diamonds of smaller size. It should be noted that stones of such color and size are valued incredibly highly and are often the object of desire of collectors around the world.

9 carats by David Morris

David Morris ring with 9.1 carat pink diamonds

Another famous brand hailing from London is the brand of jeweler David Morris. The jeweler presented his incomparable ring with pink diamonds back in 2014 during the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, and, apparently, the jewelry has not yet managed to find its owner. The center of the composition is a pear-shaped fancy pink diamond weighing 8.06 carats, and the rest of the ring’s surface is entirely covered by a pave of the same pink diamonds, but smaller. The rest of the ring’s surface is completely covered by a pavé of similar, but smaller, pink diamonds.

Pink Dream Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co. ring with a 12.85-carat pink diamond

A pink dream is commonly referred to as some unfulfilled wish – something incredibly beautiful, but completely unattainable. Perhaps this is what you could call the Jacob & Co. platinum ring with an oval orange-pink diamond weighing 12.85 carats whose outstanding characteristics are confirmed by the certificate of the Gemological Institute of America GIA. In order to keep the stone in good company, 11 pear-shaped colorless diamonds weighing 8.16 carats were densely arranged around it. The price of the jewelry, of course, is disclosed only upon direct request to the representatives of the brand.

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