The crooked mirror on the Rado True Face dial

By choosing the motto “If we can imagine it, we can make it. The Swiss watchmaker Rado has set itself a very high bar. To meet it means constantly exercising its imagination by attracting more and more minds. For the third season now, Rado and its guest designers first present and then implement very curious watches. To the delight of collectors including – the quantity is limited! We liked the new Rado True Face, the work of designer Oscar Zenta, known for his love of plastic deformed chrome surfaces.

The Rado True Face watches have been designed with this design in mind. The case and bracelet are made of matte high-tech ceramic in dark gray, contrasting beautifully with the glossy, slightly concave steel dial, polished to a mesmerizing mirror effect. It reflects the reality that surrounds it by dyeing in its colors, and also creates a parallel dimension: the inner surface of the matte gray hands is covered with a rose-gold dusting, so their reflection in the deformed mirror is as if living its own life – now ahead, now barely catching up with the time shown by the watch.

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The president of Rado, Matthias Breschan, is very happy with the collaboration: “I first became aware of Oscar’s work when we showed his famous incredible metal mirrors and chairs in our gallery last year. I am extremely happy that we were able to work together and convey his vision in the Rado collection.”

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