The Martins collection by Rare Pink

The popular online store presented a new collection consisting of unique luxury jewelry.
The jewelry pieces made of precious metals, diamonds and other gemstones are collected from all over the world and come from the private collection of an anonymous jewelry connoisseur originally from Portugal.

Although the name of the collector is not disclosed, Rare Pink specifies that the owner has been collecting his collection for many years, which by now has become truly unique. According to the press release, many items in the collection once belonged to high society; the pieces are adorned with dozens of carats of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and pearls.

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Each element of the collection is given a unique name, but the details of their origin, which could affect the final price, are not disclosed.

The Martins collection by Rare Pink is for sale on the store’s website and will be available for a limited time. Prices are only communicated upon separate request.

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