The most interesting facts about titanium

Titanium literally burst into the jewelry world in 2015, when the most famous brands began to use it in their collections.
Today we will tell you about the main features of this unusual metal, the reasons for its high popularity and how to properly care for it.

History of titanium

Titanium ingot

This refractory metal was discovered around 1790, but at the time, scientific minds had absolutely no idea what it could be useful for. At that time, they did not know how to work with it, and for the complexity of processing it was nicknamed “Titan”, as the ancient Greeks once called the gods who possessed great strength and courage.

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120 years later, only in 1910, the British began the process of extracting titanium from ore. The process was constantly improving, and by the mid-1940s the Americans had already decided to use it in military aviation. The main criteria in this choice were: strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to temperature differences, affordable price, as well as anti-corrosive properties of the metal.

The use of titanium

Monument to Gagarin in Moscow, made of titanium

Since the 1940s, titanium has been actively used in shipbuilding, aircraft and rocket production. It is also used for bicycle frames, pumps, reactors, prostheses, fittings, body armor and many other useful things. Titanium is also used in watchmaking and jewelry production.

In 1980 a 42-meter high monument to Gagarin was erected in Moscow. It was the first large-size pedestal made of this metal in the world. It was not easy to make, the monument was assembled from 238 cast segments, and the entire installation weighed 12 tons.

Titanium in jewelry

Wallace Chan titanium brooch with rubies, white and yellow diamonds, pink sapphires and garnet tsavorite

In the jewelry business, titanium was originally used for engagement rings, piercing jewelry and men’s accessories. Its processing is rather complicated and costly, requires certain knowledge and skills of the master, that is why not every jeweler is engaged in creation of jewelry from titanium.

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But there are those who have reached the highest skill in processing this metal. For example, the Chinese jeweler Wallace Chan makes real works of art from titanium in the form of precious flowers, insects or fish. Why titanium? Learn about the 6 benefits of this spectacular metal in this article.

Titanium has one interesting property: it can change its color when oxidized, heated or mixed with other metals in certain ways. In its pure form it is a gray metal, but after treatment it can take on a green, blue, purple or even red hue. Jewelry houses take advantage of this peculiarity when creating their collections. Among the famous brands that worship titanium are Chopard, Suzanne Syz, Glenn Spiro, Faberge, de Grisogono and others.

The only comparison with titanium in terms of color range is gold, which can be of different shades and even colors, as well as silver when colored rhodium coating is used. In the second case, any colors of the rainbow can be achieved.

Titanium, sapphires, diamonds. Glenn Spiro

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