The mysteries of alchemy and Newton’s legacy in the new iKuria collection

London-based premium jewelry firm iKuria has announced its new 2014 collection, Alchemist’s Notebook.
For now, only Alchemist’s Initial, a line of silver jewelry aimed at customers of both genders, has been launched. Parts of the collection with gold jewelry and gemstones will be available later this year.

The collection is inspired by the biography of the English physicist, mechanic, astronomer and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton.

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Newton is considered one of the most influential scientists of all time. His main achievement is the formulation of the three laws of mechanics and the statement of the law of universal gravitation. Isaac Newton was a genius and a perfectionist. He was also passionate about alchemy, a doctrine that the modern academic community rejects as pseudoscience. It is believed that most of Newton’s alchemical writings were lost in a fire that his dog, named Diamond, set by pushing a burning candle off a table.

The new collection, Alchemist’s Notebook, is a dedication to Newton. In particular, it is my attempt to restore his lost alchemical works in the form of jewelry. The silver unisex line is called Alchemist’s Initial for a reason, as it represents the initial “i” for both the name Isaac and iKuria. shared by Ikuko Kurahon, designer and founder of iKuria

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