The Rising Sun collection by Astley Clarke

Space jewelry has become a popular trend, so why not bask in the sparkling sun from Astley Clark’s Rising Sun jewelry collection.
Jewelry inspired by celestial bodies is already a hit of the season, and the Rising Sun collection with its peculiar interpretation of the sun theme fits well into the new trend. The symbol of power and energy, revered since ancient times, has been creatively reworked in a modern interpretation and embodied by a splash of diamonds on yellow gold.

This spring cuff bracelets also made a triumphant return to the fashion world, which is why the new collection from Astley Clarke is centered around a gorgeous bracelet made of gold and diamonds. At the last Couture Show Las Vegas, the Rising Sun bracelet created a real sensation with its design, which captures the spirit of the forgotten past in the pulsating modern life. Rays of the sun in yellow gold covered with 1,432 diamonds and as if filling the room with the warm light of the star.

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Also in the Rising Sun collection are two rings, a bracelet, two necklaces with pendants and earrings. All items are made of 585 gold and decorated with diamonds.

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