The world’s most expensive spinner from Caviar

A Russian jewelry firm is offering customers a $16,000 spinner made of solid gold.

Caviar Spinner Full Gold

Would you buy a $16,000 spinner? Anyway, the Russian firm Caviar, which specializes in luxury smartphone customization, announced the launch of a series of expensive toys, and the precious spinner was part of the fancy collection. Of course, such an immodest trinket has a solid price tag.

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At 999,000 rubles, the Caviar Spinner Full Gold set a world record for the most expensive spinner. However, 100 grams of pure gold of 750-proof clarity explain such a price tag.

Among the less crazy options is the Caviar Spinner Diamonds for 99,000 rubles, covered in gold and adorned with diamonds, in full accordance with its name. Those wishing to combine luxury with patriotism can opt for a turntable in the colors of the Russian flag – the Caviar Spinner Tricolor – for just 15,000 rubles.

Another offering is the Caviar Spinner Carbon, made of zinc with a partial carbon coating and an engraved skull in the center.

It’s not the first time Caviar has followed global trends in its creations (just think of the iPhone 6S Pokemon Go), and it promises to donate a portion of its profits from spinner sales to charity.

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