This jeweler makes grills for Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Tyler, The Creator

There is a lot of controversy about when exactly Grills became popular. Some people say that we owe the general craze for gold teeth records to Nelly and his 2005 track Grillz, others believe that it happened in the 1980s, thanks to the rapper Slick Rick. True, we should not forget also that precious metals and stones on teeth symbolized status and wealth before our era.

In the process of evolution, nothing has changed in this sense. Today, grills are still an indicator, albeit a strange one, that you have money. That’s why they cost accordingly. Gabby Elan Jewelry, the brand that created the new opal and diamond grills for Kim Kardashian, has prices starting from $600.

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The bow-tie grills for Dua Lipa, echoing the Atelier Versace gown the singer wore at the Grammys and the ruby ones for Madonna, were also made by Gabby Pinkhasov. Dentist Pinkhassov immigrated from Israel to the U.S. when he was 26 years old – it was the early 1990s. Within a couple of years, Gabby had opened a shop on Diamond Street in New York City. Pinkhassov noticed that grills were extremely popular and quickly jumped on the trend. His son Elan helped him, and that’s how the family brand name, Gabby Elan Jewelry, was born.

Among the clients of the family are many stars – Pusha T, Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan, The Weeknd and Pharrell Williams. And some of them have nothing to do with rap at all – like Bella Hadid, Heidi Klum, Imaan Hammam and Aleali Mae. What’s more, Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky even starred in the Gabby Elan Jewelry grills for Gucci’s September 2020 ad campaign. So if you happen to decide to invest a couple thousand dollars in your teeth, too, you know who to turn to.

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