Thousand-dollar ice cream with a gold ring

Popular New York café Bagatelle and French jewelry firm Mauboussin have joined forces to create the world’s most expensive ice cream and fruit dessert.
The $1,000 dish, dubbed Mauboussin Mega Sundae and available to order at Bagatelle starting May 1, includes vanilla ice cream, chocolate truffles, French almond cookies, gold foil decorated sorbet from premium champagne producer Dom Pérignon, chocolate vodka sauce, gilded chocolate brownies and fresh whipped cream. And that’s just the edible part of the amazing dessert we told you about!

We bet that even those who haven’t got their mouths watering won’t resist knowing that Mauboussin ring in black steel and white gold is served together with ice cream. The ring is part of the Moi Non Plus/Toi Non Plus collection, which also includes several elegant black and white steel bracelets.

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Surprisingly, Bagatelle and Mauboussin are not pioneers in creating absurdly expensive desserts. In 2007 New York Serendipity 3 together with Euphoria created a chocolate delight called Frrozen Haute Chocolate that cost $25,000 a serving and included the dessert itself, a gold cup with an 18-karat gold bracelet with white diamonds weighing one carat attached to its base, as well as a gold dessert spoon studded with white and brown diamonds.

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