Tiffany & Co. buys the biggest diamond in the brand’s history – and will put it up for sale in 2022

Tiffany & Co. is going to reimagine its famous necklace purchased at the 1939 World’s Fair in Queens. The center stone of the jewelry was a massive aquamarine, which will now be replaced by a huge oval diamond weighing more than 80 carats. Its purity is perfect – IF (internally flawless).

The stone was mined in Botswana, and it is the rarest specimen. And for Tiffany & Co. – This diamond is going to be the biggest one in the history of the brand, even bigger than the legendary Tiffany Diamond. By the way, the latter is not for sale, so the necklace with an oval diamond will be the most expensive jewelry piece ever made by the jewelry brand.

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The jewelry will be presented to the public in 2022, at the opening of Tiffany & Co. flagship boutique after the renovation.

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