Vintage engagement rings – a timeless classic

The fear of getting a ring that goes out of style before the wedding bouquet goes on its ritual flight haunts many brides.
There is no denying that fashions for certain engagement rings come and go, but an original way to avoid the risk of buying a ring that will soon become obsolete is to buy a vintage ring, valuable for its timeless beauty.

However, this is not an easy task either: the search for an original and appropriate engagement ring, if you have no experience in choosing antique jewelry, can turn out to be a disappointment. Especially in light of the fact that vintage rings, which have already put their stamp on them for several decades, are often in worse condition than you would want from the jewelry you are going to wear for life.

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Vintage diamond ring by Graff

A great way out is to buy a new ring in a vintage style. This way, you won’t have to worry about scuffing a used piece, but you can shine a jewel with a design from another era.
In recent years, more and more jewelry companies are turning their attention to the possibility of creating jewelry in the style of days long gone, so finding a vintage style ring today is easier than ever. Some forms of diamond cut, such as cushion, Usher, emerald and rose cut, have an easily recognized vintage feel, and additional details, such as a single or double halo of small diamond mosaic around the center stone, complete the image of the family jewel.

Many irresistible designs fall into the category of “vintage” rings, such as the Harry Winston Belle engagement ring with a classic-cut diamond surrounded by a mosaic diamond halo.

British jewelry firm Cred Jewellery is dedicated to creating engagement rings based on ethically rigorous standards, combining attention to design with responsible business practices. The Deco Trilogy ring adorned with five modern cut gems in a stepped setting is a real window to the art deco era. Similar ideology is professed by the jewelry designer Hattie Rickards – in her jewelry, including the charming Deco engagement ring in the photo, she uses only Fairtrade gold mined by socially responsible firms.

For an unusual take on vintage style, look to Jade Jagger. In its diamond engagement ring, the company experiments with the traditional design of the diamond halo, giving it a touch of modernity.

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