What necklace every fashionable girl should have

Still haven’t gotten your hands on a versatile everyday necklace that will look cool with both an alcoholic and an Emily Ratzakowski-inspired dress? Fashionista Katie Holmes, who has been regularly touted as the new relaxed street style icon for the past year, has a solution. The other day Holmes was spotted in New York wearing a tee shirt and wide blue pants, and she was wearing a Machete necklace in the form of a massive chain with a carabiner link around her neck.

Katie Holmes in a Machete necklace and Common Project sneakers in New York, August 2020

We are sure that a gold chain in general will be appropriate in any situation. It’s the perfect jewelry to pair in summer with sundresses and linen blazers, and in winter with cozy sweaters and jumpsuits made of dense cotton. Picked a few particularly good options for every budget.

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